Workpoint’s update on COVID-19

The coronavirus virus (COVID-19) continues to dominate conversations and headlines throughout our country and around the world due to health, market and economic impacts.  Everybody is struggling. The COVID-19 outbreak showed us just how quickly life can change. One of the biggest impacts was made on the way we work, as well as the level and type of support our employees, customers and peers need from us.

Our organization adopted remote working infrastructure at a rapid pace. This was due to our existing infrastructures, technologies, and processes in place. We were able to have our entire team work remote from day one. We are proud to have had the ability to put our employees first to keep them and their families safe. We were very successful in shifting routines with minimal disruption to the business and customers.

As employees have started coming back to the office, we have enhanced all of our offices and gathering areas to be safe with everyone wearing masks and practicing social distancing. Policies have been put in place to allow everyone to do their best work at home or in the office. Measures of cleanliness, sanitation, and the precautions we have taken to prevent the spread of the virus are in place are ongoing.

At Workpoint, we’re continuing to deliver on our mission to deliver the best software and support with extraordinary care. All organizations have faced this difficult time with different success stories. Workpoint, a business-driven automation solution can help remote-work teams boost productivity. Now is a great time to implement our solution to provide automation features specific to help you company resolve your current pain points.

In case you have further questions, please open a ticket via our customer support website.

Keep Safe.