Workpoint Platform

Business Automation and Orchestration

Business transformation and innovation is imperative for organizations in the Digital era to stay competitive and gain market advantage.

Automation made easy

Seamlessly automate and manage dynamic end-to-end processes

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highly scalable, easily deployable digital business application development platform


Design critical business applications with Advanced Workflow

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Analyze & Refine

      We live and breathe automation

Our passion is listening to client's use cases, thinking through digital process concepts and proposing advanced automation and orchestration solutions. Most Importantly, we promise business agility with the ability to adapt to the rapid pace of business change.


      Model the processes.

With Workpoint, organizations can easily and quickly enable their digital business-driven automation processes providing agility, visibility, and auditing in orchestrating customer journeys. Workpoint automates activities and functional sets to achieve a specific business goals and processes.


      Start automating.

Workpoint is a comprehensive Digital Business-Driven Automation platform that supports automation of decision intensive, system, or activity process flows in any combination of pattern, order or sequence. Workpoint coordinates all aspects of digital automation—tasks, systems,people, rules, and information—into a cohesive whole.


      Business-driven automation optimized.

Continuous monitoring and control of the automation performance will highlight areas of improvement and optimization. Model refinement is accomplished by increasing automation, eliminating manual activities. Process automation optimization can eliminate redundancies and streamline automation processes.

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Workpoint on-premise automation capabilities enables you to be up and running in record time with a minimum of disruptions, allowing your organization to utilize an on-premise Business-Driven Automation platform that fits perfectly into your technology infrastructure. Workpoint offers several dynamic features and functions for a more efficient and effective business.  Most importantly, Workpoint helps produce a nimble, adaptive organization that is embracing the digital automation business transformation.