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Workpoint Cloud Business-Driven Automation Services

Workpoint, a global provider of Business Automation announces the launch of Workpoint Cloud Automation Services. The new product offering makes it easier than ever to rapidly build powerful automation applications. Workpoint Cloud Services provides business-driven automation to respond to the needs of our customers and the market. Workpoint Cloud includes new features across different product capabilities to simplify and enhance business automation design and run-time orchestration. The benefits of our business-driven automation processes is not simply the ease of use to the end user - the insights from automated business processes provide data and analytics to increase the effectiveness of your business.

        We live and breathe automation

Our passion is listening to client's use cases, thinking through digital process concepts and proposing advanced automation and orchestration solutions.  With Workpoint Cloud, people, systems and design and model together in a flexible, adaptable, collaborative environment. Workpoint Cloud is a comprehensive Digital Business-Driven Automation Services that supports automation of decision intensive tasks, system automation, or activity use-case process in any combination of pattern, order or sequence. Workpoint coordinates all aspects of digital automation — tasks, systems, people, rules, and information — into a cohesive whole. With straight-forward useful modeling and design components, versatile business rules functionality, and simplistic integration features, our Business-Driven Automation technology is the ideal cloud service for enterprise programs moving to the cloud.




The new Workpoint product offering comprises of cloud-native microservices and is purpose-built for cloud environments. Workpoint Cloud services helps customers achieve resilience and scale though horizontal scaling, distributed processing, and automating the replacement of failed components. Workpoint’s commitment to the innovative automation services extends to the Cloud with the new product release. Customers can run Workpoint Cloud Services in Docker containers and allows for salability of Workpoint’s process automation services, enabling increased throughput to meet the largest and most-demanding customer environments.


     Start automating

  • Automate, integrate, orchestrate, and manage across your enterprise
  • Automate business processes, streamline workflow and deliver real-time status across your enterprise
  • Put control in the hands of your business people, enabling them to tailor your solutions and build new business processes without requiring development resources
  • Integrate with external systems to support data analysis, process management and reporting
  • Select an on-premises, cloud, or hybrid deployment, according to your needs

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Workpoint Cloud

Workpoint Cloud services are used by businesses for automation management, hosted in the Cloud.  Workpoint Cloud services provide Cloud business automation technology namely, software for developing, deploying, and managing process applications. Workpoint Cloud deployment options are within public or private online environments, which may be on-premise, cloud-based, or hybrid cloud.   Select Workpoint Services as an on-premises or hosted (SaaS) deployment, according to your needs to allow your automation processes accessible anywhere in the world via local area, wide area, and global networks.

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