Why Workpoint?

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As a highly scalable, easily deployable digital business application development platform, Workpoint is the clear choice for businesses requiring immediate automation, orchestration, and optimization of their dynamic, end-to-end processes. For more than a decade, companies in the financial services, healthcare, government, manufacturing and mortgage industries have chosen Workpoint to meet their high volume, high throughput digital business requirements.

Below are just a few reasons why businesses across the globe choose Workpoint


Workpoint remains one of the few solutions in the process automation space designed from the ground up to accommodate today's combined human/automated process paradigm. To date, Workpoint is the only platform with two native engines, offering both a native Microsoft®.NET version and a pure Java™ version. These solutions offer component services to automate and manage business process instances, event management, and system and composite application integration. Moreover, Workpoint's technology provides businesses with an utmost level of agility by delivering business users visibility and control over their business processes while meeting digital and automation requirements. Organizations select Workpoint because it provides an agile platform for the entire enterprise, on-premise or cloud based deployments.

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digital transformation of business activities react to market demands

Accelerating digital transformation of business activities, industry best practices, compliance and internal operations can all influence the way processes are carried out. Real-time adaptation and modification is critical as businesses react to ever-changing processes. With Workpoint, key business processes are quickly and easily modified via a graphical interface. Workpoint’s real-time execution model also allows organizations to access enterprise data in place without requiring major change to legacy systems. With Workpoint, Digital organizations are able to quickly react to market demands while enforcing procedural, rule and policy compliance to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies.


Deliver innovative business applications with unlimited implementation across the enterprise. Workpoint offers a flexible component-based architecture, open APIs, and modular integration strategies for Business Services. With Workpoint, organizations can accelerate digital business change by leveraging existing software services and components as reusable objects and services, incorporating them into new orchestrated process automation functionality.

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