Business Automation Services

Digital Business Automation Services

Workpoint is a comprehensive Digital Business-Driven Automation platform that supports automation of decision intensive, system, or activity process flows in any combination of pattern, order or sequence. Workpoint coordinates all aspects of digital automation—tasks, systems,people, rules, and information—into a cohesive whole.

Features and Functions

With Workpoint, organizations can easily and quickly enable their digital business-driven automation processes providing agility, visibility, and auditing in orchestrating customer journeys. Workpoint automates activities and functional sets to achieve a specific business goals and processes. Workpoint offers several dynamic features and functions for a more efficient and effective business producing a nimble, adaptive organization and embracing the digital automation business transformation.

visibility auditing agility

Acceleration and Automation of Business Activities

Accelerating digital transformation of business activities, industry best practices, compliance and internal operations can all influence the way processes are carried out. Workpoint provides a web-based modeling component, the Architect, to quickly and easily model business automation service components for orchestration. The Architect provides a flexible, agile interface for building and orchestrating any business process type. Powerful features such as drag and drop and collaboration improve your team's productivity. Architect meets the Enterprise requirements for a complete solution of a core Process modeling components for any device, desktop, tablet, or mobile. Create and manage automated process applications for all business processes regardless of function, department, organization, or industry.

Visibility, Accountability and Management

The Workpoint Architect provides a web-based graphical business automation application for development, execution, visibility, and management of Automation Models supporting both Business and Technical users. Business service templates are quickly generated enabling rapid Business Automation of customer journeys. Workpoint’s agile platform geared for cloud based deployments provides the advantage of instant improvements or addition of new digital functionality and services. Workpoint’s Architect provides a graphical view of the process, the steps and flow. Within the Architect users can access details of metadata, attributes, and rules accessible for process design and analysis. Business processes can be rapidly created through the drag and drop functionality and reusable templates. The graphical display of the automation instances provides visibility and enables strategic business improvement.

Orchestrating Services

Workpoint’s runtime engine orchestrates each overall digital business automation solution in strict compliance with an organization’s business policies and governance. Workpoint provides automation during the business flow including integration of other business components, services, systems, and applications through various digital technologies and interfaces.
Automation process and services can be positioned within your organization’s solutions on elastic architectures to support your performance requirements when deployed as a Cloud service. Workpoint’s business application components, activities, services, alerts, notifications, events, and triggers can be combined to meet the requirements of an organization’s strategic goals and customer journey.

orchestration policies governance

Managing Services and Solutions

Business transformation and innovation is imperative for organizations in the Digital era to stay competitive and gain market advantage. Workpoint’s real time management component monitors in-flight digital service instances allowing business owners the visibility to manage their customer journeys. These business automation service components incorporate visibility at multiple levels, from high level flow metrics to granular tracking of individual activities, flows, and services. Workpoint also enables monitoring and visibility of the status of individual business service automation to business process groupings for unparalleled system performance.

Continuous Improvement

Continuous process improvement is necessary to stay agile in the ‘Age of the Customer’ and business is digital and to increase operational efficiency. Customer journey information, events, and auditing is invaluable for trend analysis and risk management. Workpoint’s real time management and monitoring of in-flight business automation service instances provide visibility and agility to manage your business objectives. Visibility at multiple levels, high level flow metrics to granular tracking of tasks can be aggregated for analysis and identification of bottlenecks or inefficiencies. Once identified, the ability to quickly and efficiently change the automation solution provides immediate business process improvement.