Announcing New Workpoint Services Release

Workpoint Services Announcement

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of a latest product release of Workpoint. Our Services help organizations confidently achieve interfacing with advanced automation through any delivery channel anywhere in the world. The new release, dramatically reduces cost and infrastructure barriers to Advanced Business-Driven Automation adoption.  Workpoint Services accelerates delivery of applications for a faster, more automated and rule driven business.

As the demand for greater business efficiency, portability, easy to use, powerful tools and productivity increases, the greater the likelihood that a more automated approach will be required to keep up with the pace of new business application requirements. The challenge, of course, is putting the automation tools in place that allow that innovation to occur in the first place. Give your business the tools it needs to succeed, whenever it needs them.

Welcome to the newest product release from Workpoint where the JAVA and .NET versions offer a cloud-centric environment with a Web-based Architect with a Restful interface. Performance improvements include additional data reduction by allowing configurable audit trail and decrease repository footprint.

Our current and future customers are can be confident Workpoint Services for Advanced Business-Driven Automation will meet your process automation and business requirements for today and into the future.

For a sneak peek and learn more about Workpoint Cloud Services, see Workpoint Services