Announcing New Workpoint Module

Today, Workpoint launched a new module for Workpoint’s Digital Automation solution to help organizations confidently achieve interfacing with workflow from anywhere and accelerate delivery of applications for a faster, more automated and rule driven business.

As the demand for greater business efficiency, portability, easy to use, powerful tools and productivity increases, the greater the likelihood that a more cloud approach will be required to keep up with the pace of new business application requirements. The challenge, of course, is putting the automation tools in place that allow that innovation to occur in the first place. Give your business the tools it needs to succeed, whenever it needs them.

For example:

You are on the road and want to access your process models? As long as your process modeling tool is completely based on HTML 5 and does not require an Applet or Flash player, you can also use your iPad to access your process architecture with Workpoint.

Welcome to the newest component of Workpoint, the Workpoint Architect, an extensible web-based modeler built from the ground-up on HTML5 and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) built for the Cloud.

Deploy once and run anywhere : Workpoint Architect, a web-based digital automation modeling solution enables organizations to streamlined the workflow integration via a web application so there is no need for configuration management and other time-consuming software maintenance procedures, usually associated with traditional software development.

Workpoint Architect delivers all modeling functions via a full-featured JavaScript framework which allows customers to customize the application using overrides. Architect incorporates SASS & Compass for CSS enabling customers brand the model as a seamless component of your application.


(1) Rich, interactive, responsive web experience

(2) Easy to change,Cross-browser, easy reuse

(3) The future of business applications

(4) Extends to mobile platforms for accessibility anytime, anywhere

Our current and future customers are can be confident Workpoint Digital Automation solution’s meets today’s process management and business requirements for on-premise and cloud offerings.

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