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Business Automation and Orchestration
Business transformation and innovation is imperative for organizations in the Digital era to stay competitive and gain market advantage.
Automation made easy
Seamlessly automate and manage dynamic end-to-end processes
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highly scalable, easily deployable digital business application development platform

Design critical business applications with Advanced Workflow

Who We Are

Workpoint is a provider of business-driven automation solution that accelerates implementation and reduces costs through automation. Our business-driven automation management software provides businesses with an utmost level of agility by delivering business users visibility and control over their business processes while reducing reliance on technical resources. With straight-forward useful modeling and design components, versatile business rules functionality, and simplistic integration features, our Business-Driven Automation technology is the ideal platform for enterprise programs such as digital business transformation, process automation, and workflow management.

Our embeddable business-driven automation technology empowers small to large enterprises and institutions by providing visibility, control, and agility in orchestrating digital automation processes to achieve business objectives. Workpoint offers solutions for business-driven automation software and advanced workflow management software: as well as customer communication management software, compliance management software, and advanced workflow for identity governance and life-cycle and collaborative enterprise governance, risk and compliance (eGRC).

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Workpoint LLC provides a world-class business-driven automation solution to organizations across the globe spanning various industries, such as access governance, security, healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, banking and retail. Whether used as an embeddable component or as a standalone solution, we provide our customers with the technology to seamlessly automate, manage and optimize dynamic, high volume business automation processes across the enterprise. Continue your visit here www.workpoint.com or call 888.748.2755 or 402.964.1996.