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A number of business factors are driving the growth of business-driven digital solutions that accelerate implementation and reduce cost through automation.
The digital transformation taking place in today’s application economy is increasing demand for orchestration that spans across people, systems and functional boundaries.

digital transformation

The digitization of data, cloud and mobile computing, application automation, and geographically expanded user bases - are critical to success in today’s globalized marketplace.
All these factors underlie the necessity to Digital Business solutions to obtain agility, increase productivity, reliability, security, and efficiency to enterprise applications.



Workpoint delivers a digital business automation software and related services to Fortune 500 clients in the security, compliance, financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, legal, government, and retail industries. Build your business automation application with two discrete code bases: .NET and JAVA on-premise and / or cloud platforms.
Key Functionalities:
    Business Agility          Digital Business Platform
    DevOps                       Collaboration
    Consistency                Visibility and Accountability
    Cloud Automation     High Availability and Performance
    Workflow                     Application Automation

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